Code Practice Oscillator »Tone Tube« (TT)

Palm Radio had several inquiries about a small tone generator in the past, so the »Tone Tube« has been developed recently to close a gap in the delivery program. The gray electronics module with the speaker is mounted into a black plastic housing (ABS, enhanced impact resistance), which also serves as a resonator. The »Tone Tube« matches optically perfectly with Palm Radio's PPK (manual key) or the Mini Paddle with Code Cube, but can also be used with any other hand keys or keyers. A built-in small speaker produces a side tone which is adjustable in frequency and volume. This speaker is automatically turned off when you plug in a stereo headphone.
Attention! The »Tone Tube« is a straight tone generator and contains NO keyer electronics like our Code Cube does!

Operating time (with a replaceable CR2032):

Key input and headphone output: stereo phone jack, 3.5 mm.
Optical indication of keying by LED

Tone Tube

Tone Tube

Tone Tube without Housing

PPK-ABS with Tone Tube

Tone Tube Manual