Palm Pico Single (PPS)

Based on the famous Pico Paddle, Palm Radio offers a single lever paddle: The »Palm Pico Single« (PPS).

It represents the world's smallest single-lever paddle. With housing dimensions of only 15 x 15 x 50 mm (WxHxD) and weighing only 8.3 grams, the key is tiny but represents a full featured single paddle. Just as known from all Palm Radio keys, the »PPS« can be retracted into it's robust housing (impact-resistant ABS plastic) for maximum transportation protection.

The key is equipped with galvanically gold-plated contacts to guarantee maximum contact safety and reliability.

The lever of the »Palm Pico Single« bears a clever mechanism for the automatic center positioning of the lever - no adjustments to be made!

Two different set screws per lever side allow precise and individual adjustment of the contact gap and the spring pressure. They can be adjusted with a matching Allen key, which can be stored in the base plate of the key (»PP-QMM«) - perfectly placed and always at hand.

As known from it's popular dual-lever brother, the Pico Paddle (»PP«), device-specific installation kits (»MK-KX3« and »MK-817«) can be used to attach the »PPS« to some popular HF transceivers (eg. KX2, KX3, FT-817).

An ideal and easy solution for mounting all of our Paddles on the right side of the KX3 is the Side Panel for KX3 (SP-KX3). Another accessory for the »PPS« is a universally applicable mounting plate, the »Pico Plate«.

The »Palm Pico Single« has a 2.5 mm (1/10 inch) stereo phone jack at the back side. The connecting cable for the »Pico Paddles« are very thin, but robust and flexible. They have a length of 70 cm (2.3 feet) and carry one 2.5 mm (1/10 inch) plug on one end, the other end has a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) plug for connection to the transceiver or keyer.

The supplied standard cable is the »PP-CC-LT« (left paddle on tip of the 1/8 inch stereo phone plug).

A reverse cable »PP-CC-RT« (right paddle on tip of the 1/8 inch stereo phone plug) is optionally available.

Delivery: The »Palm Pico Single« comes in a robust transport box (»Travel Case«) with connecting cable and instructions. The included PP QuickMount (»PP-QMM«) is equipped with strong neodymium magnets so that the »PPS« can easily and securely be attached to any ferromagnetic surfaces (e.g. directly to the transceiver).

How to mount the Palm Pico Single rotated to the side (90 degrees):

Remove the PPS from it's case and insert it into the opposite end.
On the bottom of the case are three holes, the third hole looks slightly smaller than the other two.
This is where the little stainless steel ball should stop the paddle, the paddle will be slightly recessed in the case now.
Rotate the paddle case 90 degrees and snap it into place into the PP QuickMount (»PP-QMM«).
Attach the paddle and QM to the side panel (use a Pico Plate on non magnetic materials), connect the cable and it's ready to operate.

CQ DL 04 2016 - magazine of the DARC e.V. (in German language)

Palm Pico Single


Innards of the PPS

Innards of the PPS

Palm Pico Single with KX2


Palm Pico Single with KX2