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Especially suited for the Pico Paddle, we offer an inexpensive mounting solution, the »Pico Plate«.

It is a plastic plate with metal inlays and two self-adhesive sticker pads.

After adhesion of the Pico Plate, the Pico Paddle is attached with its magnetic Quick Mount (PP-QMM).

The Pico Plate can be mounted directly to the transceiver and remain there. This looks very elegant and unobtrusive, especially on radios like the KX1 or KX3. Another advantage: The Pico Paddle can easily be attached and removed from the rig.

The Pico Plate can of course also be glued on other surfaces (such as station table, radio, dash or a heavy base plate). The Pico Paddle is attached vertically in this case.

Mounting instructions Pico Plate

Pico Plate KX3

Pico Plate KX3 with Pico Paddle

Pico Plate KX1

Mounting instructions Pico Plate (pdf)