IR Dual Transmitter MP:

This is the solution to wirelessly connect our Mini Paddle with a transceiver. The TCVR needs a built-in-Electronics (keyer) feature.
For receiving, either the Dual IR Receiver (as a "stand-alone" Device), or a Dual IR Sensor may be used (as a built-in module). For the popular QRP FT-817 devices (Yaesu) and K1 and K2 (Elecraft) we offer special kits on the basis of the Dual IR Sensor.
The IR Dual Transmitter MP is contacted by pushing into the Mini Paddle - Two LEDs indicate the operation of the paddle function. The device requires no on-off switch (0.0001 mA in standby mode), the operating current consumption is only 0.3 mA, which enables 400 hours operation with the CR 2032 lithium battery.

Download IR Dual Transmitter MP Manual (pdf-file)

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