Manuals and Mounting Instructions:

Mini Paddle

Palm Mini Paddle Manual (MP)

Mounting Instructions (MP-Plug)

Pico Paddle

Palm Pico Paddle Manual (PP)

Mounting Instructions PP MK-817

Mounting Instructions PP MK-KX3

Mounting Instructions Pico Plate

Palm Single

Palm Single Manual (PS)

Palm Portable Key

Palm Portable Key Manual (PPK)

Wiring notes for the PPK

Code Cube

Manual Code Cube (CC) until 2012

Manual Code Cube (CC) Manual from 2013

Manual Code Cube (CC) Menu Chart

Manual Code Cube (CC) first Version

Tone Tube

Tone Tube (TT) Manual

Peg Leg

Mounting Instructions Peg Leg

Side Panel SP-KX3

Mounting Instructions Side Panel SP-KX3

Palm Radio Infrared Link Technology

Code Cube Infrared Manual

Infrared-PPK Manual

Junker IR Manual

Infrared Sensor Manual

Infrared Receiver Manual

IR Dual Transmitter MP Manual

IR Dual Transmitter Solo Manual

IR Dual Transmitter Module Manual

IR Dual Sensor Manual

IR Dual Receiver Manual

IR Dual Sensor Kit for Yaesu FT-817

IR Dual Sensor Kit for Elecraft K1/K2

IR Dual Sensor Kit for Elecraft K3

Connecting Cables

Overview of Connecting Cables



What's all this iambic keyer mode A and B stuff, anyhow? (permit by Chuck Olson, WB9KZY)

Iambic Keying - Debunking the Myth (permit by Marshall Emm, N1FN)


Press articles / Blogs

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FISTS CW Club Key Note magazine February 2015

FISTS CW Club Key Note magazine Spring 2013

QST April 2013

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