Accessories > Pico Paddle Mounting Kit KX3 (PP-MK-KX3)

This mounting kit is designed to attach the Pico Paddle in a stable and ergonomically correct way to your Elecraft KX2 or KX3. It is mounted to the front with two countersunk screws in the middle of the radio. If the key is not being used, it remains in the "park" position. To operate, the Pico Paddle is simply pushed out of its protective housing and rotated to the desired working position. The angle here is freely selectable. You can align the key to the right, but also set it right to the middle of the KX2 or KX3. In the design of the bracket we were also thinking of the left-handed, you can just as easily swing the key to the left side. The Pico Paddle is connected by a highly flexible braided cable with a crimped 4-pin connector and is plugged into the front "Key2" jack of the Elecraft KX2 or KX3 - thus no cable in the way.

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