Accessories > Pico Paddle Mounting Kit 817 (PP-MK-817)

To attach the Pico Paddle perfectly on FT-817, the Mounting Kit MK-817 is being used. QuickMount PP (without the anti skid pads) is screwed to an existing thread of the FT-817 with the supplied mounting materials. The Pico Paddle is then mounted "upside down". Attention, a suitable tilt stand is indispensable - it is optimal to use our "Peg Leg". The connection of the paddle uses a thin and highly flexible cable with the very small "Pico Paddle special plug" (Palm Radio's own miniature 2.5 mm stereo jack) on one side, at the other end there is a 3.5 mm stereo angle plug mounted. The cable runs to the rear at the bottom of the FT-817 and is plugged into the "Key" jack of the radio, this alows comfortable CW operation without a disturbing paddle lead in the way.

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