Accessories > Improved connecting cable for the Mini Paddle and Palm Single »MP-CC«

We have redesigned the connecting cable of the Mini Paddle and Palm Single completely.

The new cable is about 70 cm (27 inch) long, thin, highly flexible and provides increased reliability compared to the previously used solution. We have now created our own plug, consisting of a two-part plastic housing for the 3 PIN connector of the Mini Paddle and Palm Single. It has an integrated strain relief, is designed for cables up to about 2.3 mm diameter and bears the Palm Radio logo on top.

The 3,5mm stereo phone plug on the other cable end is gold plated to ensure a reliable connection to the rig.

All Mini Paddles and Palm Singles that we ship from now on will come with the new, improved cable.

The new 3 PIN connector can also be obtained individually.